Law Universities’ Popular In Philippine 2024

In the Philippines, a legal education lasts for around four years. However, you must first earn a bachelor’s degree in a comparable field in order to apply to law school. You could want to think about taking pre-law classes in the nation such as Political Science, Social Studies, Philosophy, and perhaps Psychology. In the event that you choose to pursue your pre-law studies in the Philippines,

One of the best legal schools in the nation is the University of the Philippines. With an overall passing rate of 82.46% (141 bar exam passes out of 171 examinees), it ranks first in the 2019 bar exams. Notable graduates of the UP College of Law include seven past presidents of the Philippines and several senators.

The four-year UP Juris Doctor Program covers the study of fundamental legal theories and concepts as well as the particular laws and legislative enactments that are now in effect in the Philippines. For students who wish to take the Philippine Bar Exam and pursue legal careers as attorneys, counselors, etc., this degree is the minimal requirement. There are two concentration paths available in the UP Masters of Law Program: government, public advocacy, and adjudication, and cross-border and regional practice. It also emphasizes giving students the fundamental information and instruction on international law and ASEAN.

Candidates for the UP Juris Doctor Program must have completed a four-year Bachelor of Arts or Science degree with a major in Political Science, Philosophy, English, History, or Economics, as well as the UP Law Aptitude Exam. A legal degree (LL.B., J.D., B.C.L., or similar) from any jurisdiction in the globe is required for admission to UP Masters of legal, however.

A record-breaking 96.70% on an examination was obtained by a San Beda College of Law magna cum laude alumnus in 1954. This marks the highest score in the Philippine Bar Examination’s history. A large number of the San Beda College of Law’s highly accomplished and globally competitive alumni come from the legal and political fields. With 190 out of 245 students passing the bar exam in 2019, the nation has the third-highest passing percentage.

The Philippine Law School Admission Test (PHILSAT) is a requirement for admission to the bachelor’s program in law. In Political Science, Philosophy, English, Economics, or History, a bachelor’s degree is required. Students who want to pursue a master’s degree in law must pass the university’s Graduate Admissions Test. Specialized courses in Civil Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, and Canon Law are available at San Beda College of Law. The prerequisites for a Doctor of Juridical Science degree are the same as those for a Master of Law, Master of Comparative Law, or Doctor of Canon Law.

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