We Love And Take Care Baby Monkeys Rojo , Rosa, Jully And Tong Tong Like My Family

Monkey Rojo Is A Smart Monkey. We Love And Take Care Baby Monkeys Rojo , Rosa, Jully And Tong Tong Like My Family

Young Mango-utans desire and need to spend time with their moms, since they can spend up to seven years with their mothers. Other than humans, they have the longest childhood of any primates. The hunt was on to locate Kayan a home since it was imperative that she be able to spend time with people who were similar to her.

Here, under the guidance of a knowledgeable primate care staff and an orang-utan matriarch, babies can grow up alongside other orang-utans. The Monkey World crèche seeks to interrupt the cycle of abandonment that occurs when orphaned orang-utans grow up and have their own children, by allowing them to grow up with other members of their own species. Monkey World has so far given 22 orphan orang-utans from nine different nations a place to live.

Dad’s the director of Monkey World, traveled to Twycross to see the child and ensure her safe return to Dorset. “Despite being an orphan, Kayan is a very confident youngster who traveled very well,” she said. Since the development of many elements of orang-utan behavior depends on the tight, long-term interaction between mother and kid, we were delighted to collaborate with Twycross Zoo to provide Kayan with the family of her own kind, which is exactly what she needs. Here at the park, Kayan will be joining a global group of orphan orang-utans.

Because to deforestation, poaching for the illicit pet trade, and the tourism industry, Bornean orang-utans are in grave danger of going extinct in the wild. Many of the orang-utans at Monkey World were taken from the wild as young animals after their moms were hunted down and murdered, and they were saved from the illicit trade. In addition to rehabilitating the refugees from this illicit and brutal trade, Monkey World offers specialized care where children grow up and acquire adult-level abilities.

Kayan has met her new multinational family in just one week, which consists of her two adoptive mothers, Oshine (from the pet trade in South Africa) and Bulu Mata (an orphan from the Budapest Zoo), as well as her elder brother.


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