The beautiful red-shanked douc

Found in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, the stunning red-shanked duoc (Pygathrix nemaeus) is one of the world’s most colorful monkey species.
He appears to be wearing red trousers and cosmetics! 😉
Pictured is Mogens Troll.

What intriguing details exist regarding Red-Shanked Douc?

Red-shanked douc langurs are long and lean, much like all other langurs, and their tails are either slightly longer or equal to their bodies in length. They live for around twenty-five years. Due to its sexual dimorphism, red-shanked doucs differ in size and appearance depending on their gender.

What is the diet of a red-shanked douc?

The red-shanked douc is a folivore, or herbivore. Though they will also consume fruit such as figs, buds, petioles, flowers, bamboo shoots, and seeds, they prefer to eat tiny, fragile leaves.

This idea is shown in its instance in terms of sheer physical magnitude. This causes the interesting creature’s males to grow longer than their female counterparts. In actuality, though, the average length difference amounts to less than 10%. Males grow to a head and body length of around 24 inches (61 cm) on average. On average, the female measures around 21.5 inches (54.5 cm) in length. The tail contributes an additional 22–30 in (56–76 cm) in both genders. On average, males weigh 24 lb (11 kg), while females weigh 18.6 lb (8.4 kg).

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